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Enabling the mParticle integration for Statsig allows Statsig to receive events from mParticle.

You can find all events that Statsig receives from mParticle in the Metrics tab in the Statsig console. Statsig will automatically include these events in Pulse and Experiment results for your feature gates and experiments respectively.

Configuring Incoming Events

  1. From the API Keys tab in the Statsig console, copy the Statsig Server Secret Key.
  2. Use your Statsig Server Secret Key to configure a Statsig Event Integration via mParticle's integrations directory.

Mapping User IDs

In order to associate your mParticle events with your Statsig Feature Gates or Experiments, you must use mParticle's IDSync framework to ensure your mParticle events pass along the same user IDs used with the Statsig SDK.

Configuring Outbound Events

To export your Statsig events to mParticle:

  1. Go to your mParticle account and choose Setup > Inputs on the left-hand column to start configuring your integration.

  2. Click on the Feeds tab within the page that loads, click on Add Feed Input button, and then search for Statsig and click on the option.

  3. Provide a name for your Statsig Feed and click Save.

  4. Copy the Server to Server Key and Server to Server Secret for the next step.

  5. Log into the Statsig console and navigate to the Integrations page.

  6. Click on the mParticle card and switch to the Outbound tab. Paste the Server to Server Key and Server to Server Secret in their respective boxes and Enable the integration.