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Statsig product analytics helps you understand how your users experience and interact with your product through the analysis of product data. Metrics Explorer and Dashboards are the primary product analytics surfaces within Statsig.

Metrics Explorer

Metrics Explorer provides a way for you to gain data-driven insights which can serve as the inspiration and basis for new insight-driven features. Once you implement these features, you can release and measure their impact with confidence, leveraging Statsig feature gates, A/B tests, or a full-blown experiment to understand how they affect core metrics.

Charts in Metrics Explorer

In Metrics Explorer, charts are the primary means of analysis, providing a versatile and in-depth look at your data. You can switch between different chart types from the top left section of the interface, while maintaining context on the selected events. This allows you to maintain focus on a particular metric or event while exploring it from various angles.

We offer the following chart types:

Get started with Metrics Explorer charts by going to the Metrics in the left-nav and landing on the “Explore” tab.


Dashboards are a great way to share important and interesting insights and information with your team. Any chart that you have built can be saved to a dashboard. You can also save a snapshot of Feature Gates, A/B tests, and experiments to dashboards as well. You can also automatically sync experiments and feature gate snapshots to a dashboard, making it easy to keep people update to date with relevant launches and experiments as they emerge. These dashboards are auto-populated with any entity matching any tag you specify.

Charts in Dashboards

All of the charts we support in Metrics Drilldown can be added to dashboards. In addition, dashboard charts are not static. Once expanded using the [ ] icon, charts can be modified for further exploration without making a persisted change to the dashboard itself. You can also persist changes to charts on a dashboard by clicking the edit icon or button and saving changes.

Get started with Dashboards by navigating the Dashboard in the Statsig Left Navigation, and clicking on Dashboards.