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Metrics User Guide

Statsig combines data from any of your existing data sources to give you a complete view of your product metrics as well as the impact new features and experiments have on these metrics.

Statsig automatically creates these metrics from the raw events that you log from your application as well as raw and transformed events you send to Statsig via a data collector.

Statsig can also reuse your existing precomputed metrics by natively integrating and pulling data from your cloud data warehouse. You can also choose to ingest metrics into Statsig using an HTTP endpoint or Azure Blob storage.


The Metrics User Guide consists of Metrics 101, 201, and 301 level guides that step through basic concepts to real-time analytics in Statsig.

Metrics 101 - An Overview

Metrics 201 - Diving deeper

Metrics 301 - Advanced Topics

Statsig combines product experimentation with real-time analytics to help you achieve 360° product observability.


Get started with Metrics 101.