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Enabling the RevenueCat integration for Statsig will allow Statsig to pull billing, subscription, and revenue metrics into your Statsig projects. This provides easy mechanisms to optimize purchases and revenue by using Statsig's feature gates or experimentation tools without any additional logging.

Statsig integrates with RevenueCat through a Webhook and receives data as mentioned in the RevenueCat documentation


  1. Navigate to the Webhooks tab in your RevenueCat dashboard


  2. Provide as the WebhookURL.


  3. Provide Bearer {'{statsig-server-secret}'} as the Authorization header value, where statsig-server secret is replaced, with the Statsig Server Secret for your Project.


  4. On the Statsig Integration page enable the RevenueCat integration.

Matching RevenueCat Users with Statsig Users#

In order to associate RevenueCat data with your Statsig experiments, you must ensure that the RevenueCat App User ID matches the Statsig User ID provided when checking a Statsig feature gate or experiment. You can set up App User ID in RevenueCat by following the instructions here

Sandbox Events#

By default, Sandbox events will not be ingested into Statsig to reduce noise from test events sent from RevenueCat. However, ingesting Sandbox events into Statsig can be enabled in the RevenueCat configuration on the Statsig Integration page for debugging purposes.