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And for everything else, there's always the FAQ. We'll try to keep this list updated with more recent and common questions, and move those answers to their respective places in the docs over time.

I don't see my client or server language listed, can I still use Statsig?

If none of our current SDKs fit your needs, let us know! Email jkw [at] statsig [dot] com. We're working hard to bring the power of Statsig to your client or server with more SDKs, plugins, and integrations shipping all the time.

How can I get started with running an A/B Test?

If you have a feature built but not yet released, you can run a simple A/B test by opening up a partial rollout using a feature gate. This will create test and control groups to measure the impact of your new feature. If you already have a feature in production and want to test different variants, create an experiment. Either way, you can analyze the results in the Pulse Results tab of your feature gate or experiment.

Is it possible to add a layer to a running experiment?

Once an experiment has been started you cannot change the layer. Doing so would impact the integrity of the experiment. Once an experiment has been created, you can no longer change the layer (we may allow this in the future)