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Data Warehouse Ingestion

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Statsig can directly ingest data from your Data Warehouse. This lets you send raw events and pre-computed metrics for tracking and experimental measurement. We currently support ingestion from the following providers:

  1. BigQuery
  2. Redshift
  3. Snowflake
  4. Databricks (Coming Soon)

How it works

In Statsig console, you can:

  1. Set up connection to your data warehouse
  2. Query your data warehouse for appropriate data
  3. Map your data fields to Statsig's expected schema
  4. Bulk ingest & schedule future ingestions

Ingestion is set up on a daily schedule. Statsig will run a query you provide on your data warehouse, download the result set, and materialize the results into your console the same as those that came in through the SDK.

If data lands late or is updated, Statsig will detect this change (currently via listening for row count changes) on a rolling window and reload the data for that day.

How to Begin Data Ingestion

To begin ingestion from a Data Warehouse:

  1. Go to your Statsig Console
  2. Navigate to Metrics tab on the side navigation bar
  3. To go the "Ingestion" tab

Ingestion Tab

You will be required to set up connections with necessary credentials, and map your data fields to the fields Statsig expects to ingest. Please refer to the warehouse-level setup documentation for more information on setup.

Scheduling Ingestion & Backfilling

Backfilling metrics and events will be charged as events as per our Pricing Plan.