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The Mixpanel integration has two functions.

  • Incoming: Statsig can sync your Mixpanel user cohorts with a Statsig ID list segment.
  • Outgoing: Statsig can forward Statsig events to Mixpanel.

Cohort Syncing

Statsig can ingest user information via a Mixpanel Cohort Syncing

  1. On Statsig, navigate to Segments on the left navigation menu and create a segment.
  • Name: Must match the name of your Mixpanel cohort.
  • Type of segment: Should be ID List.


  1. On Mixpanel, click on the Data Management navbar item and choose Integrations from the dropdown.


  1. In the list of integrations, scroll until you find Custom Webhook and then select it.


  1. In the dialog that appears, paste the url below, substituting the SERVER_SECRET_KEY with a "Server Secret Key" found in Project Settings, then click Continue.


  1. You can now kick off a cohort sync job on Mixpanel from the Cohorts page.

Configuring Outbound Events

To export your Statsig events to Mixpanel:

  1. Get a copy of your "Project Token" from Mixpanel by following this guide.

  2. Paste your project token into the Outgoing configuration on the Statsig integration panel and hit "Enable" (or "Confirm" if you are updating the integration).


  3. Verify your events are being forward by visiting the Events tab on Mixpanel


Filtering Events

You can customize which events should be sent to Mixpanel using Event Filtering