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Custom Metrics

You can create Custom Metrics using the custom events you ingest by filtering or aggregating events based on event metadata. You must include metadata along with the custom events when you log these events with Statsig. For example, in addition to tracking overall event_count and event_dau for all events of type purchase_event, you may want to filter these metrics only for events where your users purchase a specific product category.

Statsig supports four types of custom metrics:

Metric TypeDescriptionExamples
Event CountTotal count of events filtered by the value and metadata properties of an event typeAdd to Cart event filtered by category type
User CountNumber of unique users that trigger events filtered by the value and metadata of an event typeActive Users based on their views of a product category
AggregationSum or Average of the value or metadata property of an event typeTotal Revenue
RatioRates (e.g. cart conversion rate, purchase rate), Normalized Values (e.g. sessions per user, items per cart)Cart Conversion Rate, Sessions per User

See Metrics 201 topic, Creating Custom Metrics, to learn how to create custom metrics for your product.