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Creating User Funnels

Statsig's User Funnels enable you to analyze how your users step through successive stages to complete a goal defined by you. Funnels are fertile ground for experimentation because they can yield several actionable ways to grow your product usage.
Funnels enable you identify where your users may be facing friction or ambiguity, and how to increase the success rate of your goal. For example, funnels are commonly used by teams working to improve user activations by reducing the friction for users to sign up (register) for their application.

When you create a funnel, Statsig automatically publishes the number of users entering and exiting the funnel as well as intermediate conversion metrics (collectively known as funnel metrics) in the Results tab of your experiments.

To create a User Flow,

  1. Log into the Statsig console at
  2. On the left-hand navigation panel, select Metrics and then click on the Charts tab
  3. Click on the Create button
  4. Enter the chart name and select the Chart Type as Funnel
  5. Select the Users radio button to track unique users (using the most successful attempt of a user), or Events to include multiple attempts of a user through the funnel
  6. Enter the sequence of events that you want to include in the funnel
  7. Enter the window of time over which you want to review user activity in the funnel (Statsig's default is 7 days)
  8. Click on Create to finish creating your funnel

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