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All requests must include the Server-Side Secret Key field in the header. This can can be created in the Project Settings on This feature requires Pro or Enterprise Tier.


This is available for Enterprise contracts and needs to be enabled for you, once. Please reach out to our support team, your sales contact, or via our slack channel if you want this enabled.


All responses will contain a url field and a date field.

  • url is the URL containing the daily report.
  • date is the date of the currentlyavailable report.

Get Daily Reports

This API supports two types of daily reports:

  1. type=first_exposures - Provides a link to download your company's full set of "first exposures" across feature gates and experiments.
  2. type=pulse_daily - Provides a link to download your company's daily experimental results. This data is a single day's results and a full experimental analysis requires the entire duration of the experiment.

This feature is available to Pro and Enterprise tier customers.

curl --request POST '' \
--header 'STATSIG-API-KEY: server-side Secret Key' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"type": "<daily_report_type>"

Reponse JSON :

"url": <url>,
"date": <DS>,

Report Schema - type = first_exposures

Column NameDescription
user_id / stable_id / <custom_id>Refers to the unit identifier used in the experiment
nameThe name of the gate/experiment
ruleFor gates, this refers to the rule name
experiment_groupThe group the user was assigned to
first_exposure_utcThe UTC timestamp when the user was first assigned to the experiment
first_exposure_pst_dateThe date in PST when the user was first assigned to the experiment
as_of_pst_dateThe date this data was generated
user_dimensionsJSON-formatted key-value pairs describing the user's attributes at the time of first exposure