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Warehouse Native Vs. Cloud

Statsig Warehouse Native and Statsig Cloud share many capabilities, but there are some differences between the platforms. This page is intended to make those differences clear, and to help you make the right choice for your experimentation needs.

If there's any confusion, or if a feature is critical for your evaluation, we're always open to prioritizing requests. Don't hesitate to reach out in Slack or to our support team

Product AreaFeatureStatus
Feature GatesTargetingIdentical
Gate lifecycle managementIdentical
E2E Experiments (w/ SDK)PulseWHN offers on-demand reloads
Pulse (Scorecards)CUPEDIdentical
Topline ImpactIdentical
Daily Time SeriesIdentical
Frequentist vs BayesianIdentical
Sequential TestingIdentical
BF CorrectionIdentical
Power AnalysisIdentical [Planned Extensions to WHN Capabilities]
Custom QueriesIdentical
Guardrail Metric AlertsAvailable in WHN, based on your pipeline cadence
Export to CSVIdentical
Share LinksIdentical
Analysis Only Experiments (w/o SDK)OverridesNot relevant w/o SDK
Diagnostics (SDK Related)Not relevant w/o SDK
Diagnostics (Data specific)WHN has additional
Capture HypothesisIdentical
Capture ImagesIdentical
Experiment GroupsIdentical
Experiment ParametersNot relevant w/o SDK
SRM ChecksIdentical
View SQLWHN-only
InsightsRelative ImpactIdentical
Topline ImpactComing to WHN
Active feature analysisIdentical
Historic feature analysisIdentical
Dynamic ConfigAllIdentical
MetricsMetrics ExplorerCloud only for now
SDK Events LogstreamIdentical
Autocreate metric from SDK EventsCloud only for now
User Accounting Metrics (DAU, Stickiness)Cloud only for now
Automated A/A TestsCloud only for now
Org SettingsSSOIdentical
Experiment PolicyIdentical
Project SettingsChange ReviewsIdentical
Custom UnitIDsIdentical
Custom RBACIdentical
IntegrationsChange mgmt - Slack, Datadog,Github etcIdentical
CDBs - Segment/Rudderstack etcNot relevant for WHN
AdminCustom EnvironmentsIdentical
Target ApplicationsIdentical
Console APIIdentical
Audit LogIdentical
Audit Log APIIdentical
Users TabUsers tabIdentical