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Statsig’s Fastly integration pushes Statsig Configs to Fastly Config Stores, allowing you to bootstrap your Fastly projects quickly.


Navigate to the Fastly integration in Statsig's Console under Project Settings -> Integrations.

We're looking for the Fastly API Token and Fastly Config Store ID

  • Fastly API Key - Can be found in Fastly portal under Account -> API Tokens. We need an automation token with Engineer Roles and Global access.
  • Config Store ID - You can create a Config Store or view your existing Config Stores using the Fastly API or CLI.

After setting up the integration, implement the Statsig Fastly Data Adapter into your worker.

Known Limitations

Fastly Config Store has maximum size limits that may prevent Statsig from pushing configs into Fastly. See here for the latest Config Store limits.

Statsig ID Lists are not currently synced into Fastly.