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Commands in Statsig CLI

Getting Help

Running siggy with no arguments will invoke help which will print out the usage and currently supported commands and options

$ siggy

# Response
Usage: siggy [options] [command]

Statsig CLI
For information on schema, see

-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help display help for command

config [options] view/edit configuration settings
gates create/list/edit gates
dyncon create/list/edit dynamic configs
segments create/list/edit segments
experiments create/list/edit experiments
help [command] display help for command

Calling each command with --help option will print out the corresponding help content for that specific command.

$ siggy gates --help

# Response
Usage: siggy gates [options] [command]

create/list/edit gates

-h, --help display help for command

create <gate-name> create a new feature gate
get <gate-id> retrieve gate details
list [options] list all gates
update <gate-id> <gate-properties-json> update a gate
delete [options] <gate-id> delete a gate
check [options] <gate-id> check if the current state of the gate for a user
help [command] display help for command

Other commands

You can list, create, update, delete entities like Gates, Experiments, Dynamic Configs, Segments and more. The help content is kept upto date in code and you will get the most relevant help by running the CLI tool with the help option.

For those commands that require a JSON body, the schema is defined here: Console API