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Managing Gates With Terraform

You can create a .tf file (Terraform File) to configure your Statsig feature gates. All features of console/v1/gates are supported. The layout is very similar to the JSON body of a /gates request.

Requiring the Statsig provider. (You will need to change the version).

terraform {
required_providers {
statsig = {
version = "x.x.x"
source = "statsig-io/statsig"

Basic Example

Creating a basic gate resource

resource "statsig_gate" "my_gate" {
name = "my_gate"
description = "A short description of what this Gate is used for."
is_enabled = true
id_type = "userID"
rules {
name = "Public"
pass_percentage = 100
conditions {
type = "public"


All Console API conditions are supported but the syntax needs a little tweaking.

  • type | string | The type of condition it is.
  • operator | string | What form of evaluation should be run against the target_value.
  • target_value | [string] | The value or values you wish to evaluate. Note: This must be an array, and elements should be of string type. (You can put quotes on numbers. 31 -> "31")
  • field | string | Only for custom_field condition type. The name of the field you wish to pull for evaluation from the "custom" object on a user.
conditions {
type = "custom_field"
target_value = ["31"]
operator = "gt"
field = "age"

See the full list of conditions here.

A full gate example is included in the open source Github repo