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Migrate your feature flags from LaunchDarkly

Statsig has a migration tool to automate recreating feature flags you already have in LaunchDarkly. This takes under five minutes.

What you need

  1. You will need your project key. Projects in LaunchDarkly have a Name (e.g. "Contoso Mobile App") and a Key (e.g.contoso_mobile_app).
  2. You'll need a read-only access token for this project. You can create one in LaunchDarkly -> Account Settings -> Authorization and limit scope to be read-only.
  3. A Statsig project to use. We recommend trying this in a test project first.

How it works

  1. You will be prompted to Import Feature Gates if you don't have any feature gates in your project.


  1. Select LaunchDarkly as the platform you want to migrate from.


  1. Enter your LaunchDarkly Project Key and API Key/access token.


  1. Preview the migration summary. We'll highlight what gates we can and can't migrate. Gates we don't migrate include gates with segments (coming soon) and gates with non-Boolean flags. Screenshot 2023-05-03 161812

  2. Finish migration of the gates. All your migrated gates will be tagged "Migrated" so you can identify them. image