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Dynamic Config

What is a Dynamic Config?

Dynamic config is a tool that replaces hard-coded values in your application with configuration parameters defined on the server. These configuration parameters can include any property across your client-side or server-side application code, from button colors to ranking configurations. This enables you to control the behavior of your application dynamically in near real-time. Note that you will still need to refresh the config (by calling getConfig again) to refresh the config in your code - it will not update dynamically without that.

When to use a Dynamic Config

Many technology companies use tools such as dynamic config to make their server-side code the source of truth for configurable application properties. For example, Spotify uses Remote Configuration to dynamically update properties of their clients or backend services.

To get started, see the Statsig guide to making your code more flexible with your first dynamic config.

To learn about all that you can do with dynamic config, see the Statsig tutorial on working with dynamic config.