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Setting up Sidecar

  • This guide assumes you have an existing Statsig account. Please go here to create a new free account if you don't already have one:
  • You will need to use Google Chrome web browser for this exercise.

Step 1: Install Sidecar Chrome Extension

If you don't already have the Sidecar extension, visit the Chrome store and click on the "Add to Chrome" button

Statsig Sidecar Extension in the Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Activate the extension

Click on the Extensions toolbar button and select "Statsig Sidecar" to activate the Sidecar extension


You will now see an Experiment Config UI like this:


Step 3: Update settings

You will need to update API keys in the Settings Dialog for the extension to work. You can invoke the Settings dialog from the "Settings" link on the top header.


You can retrieve these keys from your Statsig project. In order to get this, login to Statsig Console here: and navigate to the Settings page (

Once you're there, select the "Keys & Environments" panel and copy both the Console API Key and Client API Key and paste them in the Settings dialog.


Hit "OK" to commit the API Keys.

You are now all set to create your first experiment 👍

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