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Statsig’s dashboards are the most effective way to consume, share, and save the insights that matter most for your product. Metrics Explorer is how you start creating insights; dashboards are where those insights can live in an ongoing capacity to be absorbed by the entire team.

Funnel Charts

Funnel Charts in Metrics Explorer provide a granular understanding of what portion of users completing each step of a journey you define through your product or service. These charts are useful for understanding user behavior, identifying bottlenecks, and helping you develop insight-driven product changes that help users convert through your product more successfully.

Statsig Product Analytics Overview

Statsig product analytics helps you understand how your users experience and interact with your product through the analysis of product data. Metrics Explorer and Dashboards are the primary product analytics surfaces within Statsig.

Statsig Web Analytics Overview

Web analytics lets you track and watch key measures for your website easily. It is different from product analytics because it's simpler and more direct, making it great for marketers, web site maintainers, or anyone familiar with tools like Google Analytics.