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Organization Experiment Policy


Organization Experiment Policies is an Enterprise only feature.

Experiment policy grants organization admins the ability to:

  • Set defaults for new experiments: While Statsig aims to provide an intuitive platform for all users, we understand the unique requirements of every organization. Now, data scientists and experts can decide on experiment best practices for their business, such as default experiment duration and use of sequential testing.
  • Enforce these defaults: This ensures consistency across all experiments, and that best practices are enforced for experimenters.
  • Tailor Statsig for the business: Safeguard against unintended misuse by limiting the set of experimentation practices to ones effective to the organization.

Where can these be configured?

Organization Experiment Policies can be managed by visiting the Organization Info page at the bottom of your Org Settings page. Only organization admins have the ability to modify these settings.

Experiment policies