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Organization Settings & Administration

Creating an Organization

To create an organization,

  1. Log into the Statsig console
  2. Navigate to your Account Settings
  3. Click on Create New next to Organization under your Account Settings
  4. Optionally invite others in your team to join your organization
  5. Move your existing projects to the organization and click Create


When you move a project to the organization,

  • All existing members will receive an invitation to join the organization
  • All existing project administrators will remain the same
  • The project will be added as public i.e. any registered Statsig user with the same email domain as the project owner will have access to the project; you can change this setting in the Project Settings tab

If you don't move a project to the organization, you may lose access to it as it will be archived.

Managing Organizations

Creating an organization will automatically make you the organization's Owner and Admin.

You can view your Organization page by navigating to Account Settings and clicking on Manage next to your organization.


You can also navigate to the Organization page by clicking on your name/email at the top right of the console, and clicking on Your Organization from the drop down.


Basic Information

In Basic Information tab on the Organization page, you can view your organization's information and manage membership in your organization.

Organization Information

Your organization's information includes the organization's name, current payment tier, and SSO configuration. As the organization Admin, you can also enable or disable SSO for all projects in the organization from this one place.

Organization Members

All members in the organization will be able to view all current members in the organization in their Account Settings.

As the organization's Admin, you can also manage its membership by:

  • Promoting members to the organization's Admin

  • Removing members from the organization

  • Managing invitations including sending, viewing, and canceling invitations as well as tracking all pending invitations


Managing Projects

Members of an organization will be able to view all public projects in the organization.

As the organization's Admin, you can also view and manage Admins for each project in the organization as shown below.


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