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Watch Replays

Session Replays can be found under the User’s group in the Statsig console’s navigation panel.


The main interface contains three major sections. The leftmost column shows a list of available replays to watch, and a way to filter among them. The middle playback surface is where can play the replay, pause, and skip ahead and back to events of interest. You can also skip ahead by clicking the next button to jump ahead to the next event. You can also click on an event of interest in the right most “events panel” to skip to that event in the replay timeline.


For a more immersive replay experience you can hide the events panel: image

You can also enter full screen mode.

Find a Replay


You can select a replay to watch by selecting it from the list of replays on the left. The “Replay Card” contains information such as the URL, Browser, Country, and more, that you can use to quickly scan for interesting replays or as a way to quickly filter to interesting replays.

To more narrowly scope the set of replays to watch, you can add filters. Filters allow you to scope to replays that contain a specific event, user, Feature Gate exposure (pass or fail), or Experiment group exposure. As a reminder, session replay is currently in beta - we will be adding more powerful filtering functionality in the coming weeks.