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How to set up Feature Flags in Rust

To integrate feature flags into a Rust application with the Statsig SDK, you'll start by setting up a simple Rust "Hello World" app, then integrate Statsig to manage your feature flags.

Step 1: Create a Rust Project

Create a new Rust project using cargo. In your terminal, enter the following command:

cargo new statsig_rust_example

Step 2: Add Statsig SDK to Project

In the newly created Cargo.toml file:

  • Add statsig to the dependencies.
  • Specify the latest version in the following format. We'll also need a package like tokio to manage the async nature of this application:
statsig = "0.2.4"
tokio = { version = "1.0", features = ["full"] }

Next, begin writing your rust code in your file which you should find pre-created in your project:

use statsig::{Statsig, StatsigUser};

async fn main() {
// Initialize the Statsig SDK with your Server Secret Key

// Check if a feature flag is enabled for a user
let user = StatsigUser::with_user_id("a-user".to_string());

if Statsig::check_gate(&user, "example_feature_flag").unwrap_or(false) {
println!("Feature Flag is enabled!");
} else {
println!("Hello, World!");

// Shut down the Statsig SDK before exiting the application

Step 3: Create a Feature Flag in Statsig Console

  1. Sign Up/Login to Statsig: Visit Statsig's website and sign up for an account or log in.

  2. Create a New Project: Create a new project for your application in the Statsig dashboard.

  3. Navigate to Feature Flags: Access the "Feature Flags" section from the dashboard.

  4. Create a New Feature Flag: Click on "Create Feature Flag".

  5. Enter Feature Flag Name: Enter a name for your Feature Flag, the same as you named it in your Rust application (e.g. example_feature_flag).

  6. Configure Feature Flag: Configure targeting rules and other settings as desired.

  7. Save Feature Flag: Click on "Create Feature Flag" to save your changes.

Step 4: Toggle Your Feature Flag

You can now enable/disable your Feature Flag and configure its settings in the Statsig Console.

Step 5: Run Your Application

In your terminal, navigate to your project directory (using cd statsig_rust_example) and run your application using the following command:

cargo run

You should see "Feature Flag is enabled!" printed to the console if the Feature Flag is enabled for the user with ID "a-user". Otherwise, you should see "Hello, World!".