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Create a feature flag


Usually referred to online as feature flags, the Statsig UI and SDKs call them feature gates.

To create a new feature gate,

  • Log into the Statsig console at

  • On the left-hand navigation panel, select Feature Gates

  • Click on the Create button

  • Enter the name and the description of the feature gate you want to create

  • Click Create to complete creating your feature gate


Calls to check this feature gate for a user evaluate the rules that you define for this feature gate. This check returns a true or false depending on whether that user matches these rules. If no rules are defined, the gate check returns false by default.


You can also Launch (pass 100%) or Disable (fail 100%) the gate using the More Options menu (...).

When you need more than a Boolean value returned for different groups of users, say to customize the user experience, set up a dynamic config.