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Interpreting Experiment Results

Interpreting results

By going to the Pulse Results tab in the Experiment page, you can add metrics you want to monitor and verify which variant is doing better. To learn more about reading Pulse Results, check this article out: Reading Pulse Results.


More than two variants

It's simple to extend this setup to run ABC or ABn tests. You can add more variants in the Experiment Setup tab, like below:



Using layers allows you to run multiple landing page experiments without needing to update the code on the website for each experiment. Layers are a powerful way to run many experiments in sequence, one building on top of the learning from the other.

Running an experiment within a layer is simple. Create a layer with the page_url parameter defined first like here:


Then you can go ahead and create a new experiment as detailed above.

When you run experiments as part of a layer, you should update the script to specify the layerid instead of expid.

<script src="[API_KEY]&layerid=[LAYER_NAME]">

Webflow set up

To add the script in Webflow, you can open the Pages tab on the left, and click the 'Settings' gear icon next to the landing page. In there, within the 'Custom Code' section, add the script snippet Inside <head> tag