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Use Statsig for analytics

If you are new to Statsig and are already using another feature flagging or experimentation platform, it is easy to import your events to Statsig and get analytics automatically.

Step 1 - Create an experiment on Statsig

Log into the Statsig console at and create an Experiment.

Note that because you are not actually using Statsig for bucketing, the only configurations you need to do is choosing the correct number of groups (2 if you want analytics for a feature flag that is either ON or OFF), and setting "allocation" to something greater than 0 (the exact number does not matter).

Click "Start" to start the experiment.


Step 2 - Send your events to Statsig

Whenever an exposure happens with your current feature flag or experiment, you should send an exposure event to Statsig using this API.

For any event you want to measure the lift with, e.g. "Purchase", you should send the event to Statsig whenever it occurs using this API.


That's all! You should be able to see your events coming in under "Diagnostics" -> "Exposure Stream", which is near real time. Next just wait for results to show up, which is computed daily. Feel free to reach out to us in the Statsig Slack channel if you have any question!