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Metrics Explorer

Metrics Explorer (currently in open beta) is an analytics surface with powerful slicing for your events and metrics. Break out a metric by device type, country or user tier. Explode a ratio metric and see how the numerator and denominator have moved.

Get data you can trust and insights you need to take action and drive growth. Find this under Metrics -> Explore. Tell us what you want to see here!

Example Use Cases

Metric Drill down

Select multiple events, group by user properties and apply filters to see how these move together. image

Switch to bar charts to better visualize comparisons and distributions. Download charts as CSV files. image

Retention Analysis

Retention Analysis helps you drive product adoption by showing you how often users return to your product after taking a specific action. image

Funnel Analysis

Configure Funnels to understand how users navigate through a defined path and identify where users drop off. image


Investigate data issues by looking at samples of the underlying data. image