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Terraform Provider

The Statsig Terrafrom Provider allows you to configure your gates with Terraform. This is achieved by leveraging the Console API. If there is something you need to perform that isn't supported by the Terraform Provider, checkout the Console API.

It is hosted on the Terraform registry at


You can create a .tf file (Terraform File) to configure how your gate works. All features of console/v1/gates are supported. The layout is very similar to the JSON body of a /gates request.

Requiring the Statsig provider. (You will need to change the version).

terraform {
required_providers {
statsig = {
version = "x.x.x"
source = "statsig-io/statsig"

Creating a basic gate resource

resource "statsig_gate" "my_gate" {
name = "my_gate"
description = "A short description of what this Gate is used for."
is_enabled = true
id_type = "userID"
rules {
name = "Public"
pass_percentage = 100
conditions {
type = "public"


All Console API conditions are supported but the syntax needs a little tweaking.

  • type | string | The type of condition it is.
  • operator | string | What form of evaluation should be run against the target_value.
  • target_value | [string] | The value or values you wish to evaluate. Note: This must be an array, and elements should be of string type. (You can put quotes on numbers. 31 -> "31")
  • field | string | Only for custom_field condition type. The name of the field you wish to pull for evaluation from the "custom" object on a user.
conditions {
type = "custom_field"
target_value = ["31"]
operator = "gt"
field = "age"

See the full list of conditions here.

A full gate example is included in the open source Github repo