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Create a feature gate

To create a new feature gate,

  • Log into the Statsig console at

  • On the left-hand navigation panel, select Feature Gates

  • Click on the Create button

  • Enter the name and the description of the feature gate you want to create

  • Click Create to complete creating your feature gate


When you create a feature gate, it is enabled by default as shown below. This means that any call to check this feature gate for a user evaluates the rules that you define for this feature gate. This check returns a true or false depending on whether that user matches these rules. If no rules are defined, the gate check returns false by default.


You can disable the feature gate by clicking on the toggle button next to the name of the feature gate. Statsig always returns false when you check a feature gate that’s disabled.

When you need more than a Boolean value returned for different groups of users, say to customize the user experience, set up a dynamic config.