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Working with experiments

Similar to A/B tests, Experiments provides the following features to run and analyze experiments with ease:

  • Automatically compute the sample size required to achieve statistical significance for a given experiment
  • Configure allocations to define what proportion of eligible users are exposed to each variant in the experiment
  • Review the Metrics Lifts and confidence intervals for all your business metrics
  • Choose confidence intervals ranging from 80% to 99% depending on the confidence you need for your decision; a larger lift (say 20%) generally requires a lower confidence interval (about 80%), while a smaller lift (say 1%) generally requires a higher confidence interval (95%)
  • Analyze Metrics Lifts for different segments by filtering for dimensions such as operating system and browser version
  • Use the Statsig client or server SDK of your choice to implement the experiment in your application

Experiments offers additional features to accelerate and scale your experiments:

  • Create multiple variants as part of the same experiment (A/B/n tests)
  • Select the key metrics that you want to prioritize for your hypothesis
  • Define layers to exclude the users participating in one experiment from other related experiments